Pure Kana CBD Oil Review

Cannabidiol or CBD continues to make waves in the form of CBD oils. Today, several companies are offering CBD oils and other CBD-based products. 

This is no surprise considering the rise of the number of Americans who are turning to CBD for relief. A study revealed that about 7% of Americans use CBD to help treat different kinds of medical conditions. 

Of the many sources for CBD oils, there are a few that stand out. One of which is Pure Kana.

Continue reading below as we a comprehensive Pure Kana CBD Oil review. We will discuss their best-sellers, how they produce them, and if they are worth your money.

Pure Kana CBD Oil Review: What You Need to Know

We mentioned earlier that more Americans are turning to CBD for relief. A good number of them use CBD mainly for relaxation, relief of anxiety, and pain reduction. Of the different brands available, Pure Kana is one of the favorites.

If you are looking to try CBD oil, you need to conduct your research first. 

So let’s take a closer look at this brand. Check out this Pure Kana CBD oil review that will help you in making the right decision.

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Who is Pure Kana?

First, let’s find out who Pure Kana is. According to its official website, the company’s main operation is in Scottsdale, Arizona. But it also has offices in Parsippany, New Jersey, as well as in Watford, in the United Kingdom.

Pure Kana is a relatively new company. Its founder, Jeffrey Yauch, established incorporated the brand in the UK back in 2017.

The company prides itself for selling high-quality products coming from CBD-rich hemp. Moreover, they claim that their products are one of the most affordable in the market. 

When it comes to their products’ accessibility, they are legal in all 50 states in the country. Furthermore, their clients use their products for food and nutritional additives. 

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Pure Kana’s Production Process

When it comes to the production of their products, Pure Kana uses hemp CBD that is non-GMO. This means their products did not undergo any form of genetic modification.

When cultivating their hemp, Pure Kana does not use any pesticides. They also stay away from herbicides, solvents, and chemical fertilizers. 

To help ensure the safety of their products, they hire third-party laboratories to conduct tests. Prospective customers who are still on the fence can also check the lab test results online.

Interestingly, the industrial hemp that they use comes with only trace amounts of THC and other psychoactive compounds. This means the products that you purchase from Pure Kana will not get you into any trouble concerning legalities.

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Pure Kana CBD Oils

When it comes to their CBD oils, Pure Kana’s come from ultra-concentrated hemp. They grow and harvest their hemp in Kentucky. When extracting the oils, they make sure they go through a stringent process and quality testing.

Let’s take a look at their key CBD oil products:

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Natural CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)

Pure Kana CBD Oil Full-Spectrum

This is Pure Kana’s flagship product. It’s a dietary and nutritional supplement that helps improve health and it promotes vitality. It is perfect for people who are sensitive to certain flavors. 

Natural CBD Oil is organic and does not come with any flavoring additives. What you will barely notice, however, is a very light hint of natural hemp.

Compared to other CBD oils on the market, Pure Kana’s product will taste a bit “earthy.” However, it is perfect for people who love the taste of dark chocolate or black coffee.

For starters, you need to choose the right potency. It is best to try their 300mg Natural CBD oil variant first. Then gradually increase, depending on your needs.

Another key feature of their full spectrum CBD Oil is the presence of other cannabis compounds. The product contains phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Researchers link these compounds with properties that promote health.

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Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)

Their Mint CBD Oil goes through the same natural process as their full spectrum Pure Kana CBD Oil MintCBD Oil. But this time, it comes with the cool and energizing kick of mint. 

The taste will remind you of peppermints, but without the overpowering impact. Their peppermint comes from the M. Piperita plant. This peppermint extract helps relieve mental stress. 

It also aids in weight management and reduces bloating. Also, it reduces nausea and vomiting, as well as abdominal discomfort.

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Vanilla CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)

This product has the same benefits as the Natural CBD Oil but with a dash of vanilla. Pure Kana extracts the vanilla from the beans of the V. Planifolia plant. 

Apart from providing that unique taste, vanilla also offers numerous health benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety. 

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Other Products

Apart from the CBD Oils, Pure Kana also carries other CBD-based products. Let’s examine some of them below:

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CBD Capsules

Pure Kana CBD CapsulesTheir capsules cater to people who are not comfortable using CBD oils. The capsules come in the form of soft gels. Like their oil products, the capsules are also non-GMO. 

They are also pesticide and chemical-free, and laboratory-tested.

As for the ingredients, the company uses purified water, glycerin, gelatin, hemp seed oil, and hemp extract. 

The main difference between CBD capsules and CBD oils is the way the body breaks them down. The body will break down the capsules the same way as it would a normal pill. It will undergo the body’s normal metabolic breakdown.

The CBD Capsules are excellent for people who are after convenience. In addition, the capsules also ensure that you are getting the exact amount of CBD that you need. It also eliminates the risk of spillage.

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Their topicals, on the other hand, come in ointment or roll-on form. They enter the skin to provide relief in areas of discomfort. This product is excellent for painful muscle tissues and joint areas.

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The Verdict

9.6Expert Score
Pure Kana CBD Oil Reviews

Pure Kana CBD Oils are one of the most popular ones in the US today.

Value for money
Product quality
Customer service


There is no doubt that Pure Kana’s CBD-based products are of high-quality. Their strict manufacturing guidelines help ensure the safety and efficacy of their offerings. 

But if there is a downside, the most glaring one is the price tag. Compared to other products in the market, you may find theirs a bit steep in terms of pricing.

In case their products don’t satisfy you, you can request a full refund within 30 days after purchase.

Super happy with their service. The product has an excellent taste. I’m currently using their mint flavor with 600mg CBD.

Learn More About CBD, Today!

We hope that our Pure Kana CBD Oil review will help you arrive at a wise decision. Like in every other CBD product, research is paramount.

If you are new to the dynamic world of CBD, we invite you to come and explore with us. Check out this Beginner’s Guide and learn more about CBD, today!

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