Interview with Ori Alperovitz

We are delighted to share another interview with our readers. This time we interviewed Mr. Ori Alperovitz. Mr. Alperovitz is an entrepreneur and international executive manager with over 15 years of experience in multidisciplinary projects in the medical services and operation field. Ori is an expert in establishing international marketing and sales platforms for medical service companies, and is proficient in all aspects of managing medical services companies. Mr. Alperovitz worked for many years as a business consultant and project manager in the medical field, in an extensive list of successful medical companies.

Ori worked for many years in the former Soviet Union in the fields of medical services companies (As part of his work as an executive board manager at Hadassah Hospital) and in the establishment of medical centers in front of the Ministries of Health and local Government.

About Cann10 – Established in Israel in 2015

  • Cann10 engages in activities along the entirety of the value chain within the cannabis industry, including manufacturing, education, R&D, and holds agreements for growing, distributing, exporting, and importing across multiple geographies

4 main Verticals extending from seed to sale-Cannareet -Medical Cannabis product line, Education CannX – International Medical Cannabis Conference Academic courses, Innovation

CannX Lisbon 2020

CannX Lisbon 2020

Hub and International operations

  • Cann10 conducts sales and distribution of it’s Cannareet line of products globally (Israel, Portugal, Brazil)

What was your personal motivation starting to work in this space? Do you regret this step or wish you should have done this much earlier?

I worked for many years in establishing and managing medical centers and hospitals in Israel and around the world.

I have seen the significant improvement in terminally ill patients taking medical cannabis – improving mood, greater appetite, painless sleep and ongoing.

Beyond that, my father, at the last stage of his life, consumed medical cannabis and I saw during my treatment of him the tremendous improvement and help in using medical cannabis as a medicine.

I see the use of medical cannabis as tomorrow’s medicine, lowering painkillers and treating various symptoms as well in the near future treatment of the disease itself.

What was your dream in the childhood whom you wanted to become?

Ever since I was in the Army, I knew I wanted to help patients.

In my last year of service in the military, I was an airborne paramedic, so direct continuation of my service led me to fall in love with medical services, innovation and advanced technology.

Can you share more about Cann 10, how it was founded (brief history), what it does and how it’s related to Shizim Group/ Seach Ltd./ Gilad Group (if this is relevant)?

Was founded 5 years ago  by three shareholders: Shizim group – one of the largest biomed service group in Israel, Seach – one of the top players in Israel in terms of growing cannabis and Gilad Group – one of the top players in the field of government relations and lobbying. The group’s unique value proposition comes from the integration and synergy of its partners

Our vision -Cann10 is a point of knowledge and innovation in the world of Medical Cannabis in Israel and around the world, work to identify and advance technologies enrolled in its innovation hub and continue establishing a premium pharma grade cannabis brand in Global markets.

We’ve noticed that Cann 10 organizes events around the topic (medical) cannabis via Cann X in partnership with Kenes Group. How was the idea born, who was the driver and what are you trying to achieve with this initiative?

Our conferences started 15 years ago by the Shizim group.

Shizim Group among other activities is organizing the largest conference in Israel for biotechnology.

As part of the Shizim Group conferences – Yossi Bornstein, the owner of the group established Cannes X congress.

We are the only conference today with accreditation (European CME credits (ECMEC) ) and we are active in Israel Portugal and Brazil

The goals of our conferences are primarily education and exposure of innovative research and technologies, establishing professional relationships and creating DEAL FLLOW for our technology hub.

Cann 10 offers a wide range of diverse services. Are you focusing on specific areas in particular? Which areas (or services) do you think your company will be focusing on in 5 years from now?

Cann10 is a point of knowledge and innovation in the world of Medical Cannabis in Israel and around the world, work to identify and advance technologies enrolled in its innovation hub and continue establishing a premium pharma grade cannabis brand in Global markets.

Who would you regard as your closest competitors (in Israel and internationally)?

In my opinion since we operate in 4 different verticals, we have competitors in each vertical, but there isn’t company like us that does all the verticals together.

What is your key differentiator to your competition (nationally and internationally)? How can you remain competitive?

Our view is of the patients’ world and needs. We have 12 years of experience in growing medical cannabis.

We produce clinical trials according to various indications based on the big data base we have produced over the years. We also work hard in the most advanced R&D and technology areas.

Is there any specific area you like in particular (from the services your company provides or any other related to cannabis)? Why?

I especially like the topic of clinical trials. You can see in a very short time the tremendous improvement experienced by patients as a result of the use of medical cannabis. I also like to educate virgin markets when entering the cannabis field.

Where, in your opinion, lies the greatest potential in the (medical) cannabis industry in the next 5 years?

In my opinion the direction of medical cannabis goes in the direction of pharma. There are more and more medical indications that we are witnessing helping patients better than a drug. Science and research will lead to cannabis becoming a full-fledged sex drug according to drug protocols.

The ways of delivering the drug will be refined and there will be an additional new industry of Medical device combine with cannabis.

If you could invest 50M USD into (medical) cannabis or CBD – would you do it? If yes, in both? In which areas?

I am a big believer in medicine and research – that is where I would spend my money on cannabis pharma grade. In advanced technologies, in clinical trials, in strains and formulation according to selected indications.

Can you shed some light for our readers on the Israeli legal environment of (medical) cannabis and CBD industry? Do you foresee a positive development over the next years?

At this point in Israel cannabis is still under the drug ordinance, Israel’s reform is very advanced and quality oriented at the highest medical level.

Manufacturing establishments must be GMP for GAP and GMP approved pharmaceuticals and farms. Today there are over 60,000 users and in the next few years the numbers will double and triple Currently CBD is not allowed in Israel. In the very near future – the CBD market will open in Israel as a food supplement and vitamins.

What do you think about CBD? Do you think this segment will play an important role for your company or for Israel or not?

Some territory we work in allows CBD products. As part of the company’s strategy, we will also adapt to the CBD market.

Do you believe in the health benefits of CBD? Is there anything noteworthy?

I believe in evidence based medicine. We will investigate the CBD issue and make an informed decision on the issue.

Where do you see the future going with both, medical cannabis and CBD in the US and worldwide?

And I knew at the end of the process would be cannabis for recreational purposes and cannabis for pharma. At the time we can give medical claims on medical indication, medical cannabis will not be needed, but pharma-grade cannabis

Do you foresee CBD being mainstream in cosmetics and food in 5 years from now?

Of course, we are seeing a tremendous resurgence in the CBD market in various worlds, from cosmetics, food and vitamins and supplements to animal care and so on.

Do you believe in the health benefits of CBD in cosmetics/food or is it just an overrated hype?

We are working on a number of studies in CBD. I would love to be interviewed again one year from now with answers to your questions.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our community we might have forgotten to ask?

It is my honor that you have given me this important stage. Raising global awareness about the use of medical cannabis is critical.

The virtues of medical cannabis are still being explored and every day we discover new and exciting things.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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