Hot Juice CBD review

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Hot Juice CBD Review

Hot Juice eLiquid Company is one of the few companies that have managed to establish itself as the go-to brand for most vapers.

Value for money
Product quality
Customer service
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO &amp
  • kosher certified
  • CBD comes from locally sourced hemp
  • Over 60 different CBD liquid flavors

The CBD industry is expected to hit a market capital of $22 billion by 2022. This can be attributed to the surge in popularity of CBD health benefits.

However, the increasing popularity means that there’s an influx of CBD products in the market.

If you’re a big fan of CBD vape juices, in particular, you’ll certainly be lost of choice, given the sheer number of eliquids retailing in stores. The worst part is that there are only a few flavors that seem to deliver that premium satisfaction vapers are looking for.

Hot Juice’s long experience in the CBD industry is evident from its top-shelf eliquid ejuices. The products are handcrafted by a team of passionate vapers who have mastered the art of making a variety of satisfying flavors.

What sets this Southern California based company apart from the rest is that its juices are non-GMO and glycerol free. So, you get to enjoy all the benefits of CBD in their most natural form.

But before we jump into Hot Juice CBD review, let’s look in-depth at how they craft their CBD vape juices.

Best Juice CBD E-Liquid Production

For the 10 years that Hot Juice has been producing CBD vape juices, all their products have been made from 99% pure CBD. The compound is derived from a strain of industrial hemp which naturally has low levels of THC. This ensures that you won’t experience psychoactive effects when using the vape juice.

The CBD extract is then mixed with traditional vape components such as vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

To guarantee the accuracy of the PG/VG ratio of the vape juices, an independent laboratory is tasked to test the products. So, without any doubt, you can be sure you’re getting the right dosage as indicated on the bottle.

This is a major selling point given that the company allows you to select a customized dosage. Moreover, the juices are homogenous meaning that the CBD is uniformly blended with other vape base compounds. This uniformity ensures that you’re in control of how much CBD you consume.

Also, heterogeneous CBD vape juices can wreak havoc to your vaporizer. The oily CBD compound separates itself from vegetable glycerin causing the cotton wick of your vaporizer to harden. But given that the CBD vape liquids from Hot Juices are homogeneous, they’ll work on your vaporizers perfectly without causing any damage.

With the current minimal regulation of the CBD market, transparency between the manufacturer and consumers is paramount. This guarantees the consumers that they can trust the manufacturer’s way of production from the seed to the final packed product.

Hot Juice understands this and that’s why they implement a high standard in every aspect of the production process. The company uses locally grown hemp which is checked and certified by the state agriculture department. This means that there are no toxins or other potentially dangerous residue solvents.

Buying from a company that uses hemp grown overseas will rarely give you the assurance that the CBD is free from toxins.

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Hot Juice CBD Oil Review

Hot Juice CBD vape oils are available in nine broad categories. They range from candy, beverages to dessert flavored e-liquids designed to serve your preference.
But it’s not their enticing collection of flavors that make the vape juices unique, it’s the intensity in every flavor that brings a ‘spot-on’ experience.

Nevertheless, the flavors are further divided into 65 varieties ensuring that there’s something for every taste-bud. It makes it easy for you to experiment with different flavor combinations until you find the most refreshing one.

You may be tempted to think that with such a huge collection of flavors, the quality suffers. On the contrary, you’ll be amazed by how each flavor is authentic true to its flavor name. This means that if you, for instance, your favorite breakfast cereal flavor; the taste corresponds to exactly what the name suggests.

Each of their products is packed in exciting bottles that are neatly printed for legibility. You don’t have to turn the bottle over a couple of times to find the information you want.

Generally, the bottles come in two sizes; 30ml and 100ml. Although they’re a bit more expensive compared to standard vape juice, they’re worth every buck thanks to their premium quality.

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Hot Juice CBD Products

Here are some of the company’s products you might want to give a try:

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1. Boston Cream Escape

If you’re not into fruity rich flavors, then this dessert flavored vape oil is your best choice. It tastes exactly like the famous Boston Cream donuts and is best complemented with a cup of coffee.

It has a creamy rich flavor that exudes a pleasant bakery aftertaste.

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2. Pineapple Tranquility

This flavor packs the real tropical pineapple taste that slightly covers up the CBD taste. Nevertheless, the CBD in 100mg of this pineapple flavor is a bit more concentrated. This leaves a slight numbing sensation on your tongue but doesn’t entirely disrupt the taste.

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3. Kiwi Stardust

For a tropical blend e-liquid, it’s safe to say that Kiwi Stardust vape juice delivers an exceptional taste. It isn’t excessively sweet like most of the tropical blends but still manages to deliver a sweet candy flavor.

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4. Lounge Cherry

Lounge Cherry is another great addition of tropical flavored CBD e-juices. It has a ripe fruit taste, blended with whipped cream.

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5. Dreamberry Waffles

Dreamberry is best known for being vaporizer friendly. It doesn’t damage your vaporizer’s coils and cotton.

It also serves as a change of gear from all the monotonous fruity flavors. But it still has traces of fruit flavor on top of its dominating breakfast flavor.

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Pros and Cons: Hot Juice CBD

Having known all about Hot Juice CBD vape juices, here’s a quick summary of its main advantages. And of course, a few of its flaws to balance out:

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  • All ingredients are gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher certified.
  • The products are made from locally sourced hemp plants that are 99% pure.
  • Comes with over 60 e-juice flavors to suit your taste preference.
  • Value for money.
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Although the company offers free shipping services, you must spend at least $50 to qualify for free shipping. Seeing all the pros this isn’t a terrible con.

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Final Verdict: Hot Juice CBD Review

Finding the best vape juice in a market flooded with a wide variety of brands can be overwhelming. While it’s likely that you may find that one special flavor you really like, you’ll have spent quite a considerable amount of money and time navigating through the numerous choices.

The above Hot Juice CBD review goes into comprehensive details explaining why Hot Juice should be your ideal vape juice supplier. With their finely crafted vape juices, you sure will find a flavor that tickles your taste-buds. In turn, you‘ll save yourself the hustle of trying to find an ideal vape juice from the influx of flavors in the market.

It’s well-known that CBD consumption has its medical benefits. But, you can’t help but wonder: Are there any side effects linked to this natural herb?

Check out this informative post for an in-depth understanding of the side effects of CBD.

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