Hemp Bombs Review

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Hemp Bombs Review

Hemp Bombs is an international brand with a variety of products and a mega-online presence. Read this Hemp Bombs review for a thorough examination of the brand.

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Product quality
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  • Wide product selection
  • Third party testing of their products
  • Organic CBD
  • Good taste
  • Bit more expensive
  • CBD isolates instead of full-spectrum

In 2016, the sales from legal marijuana in the U.S. was at a whopping $6.65 billion. The sales are forecast to shoot up to 24 billion by 2025. Thus, it’s not a surprise to see more and more cannabis enterprises growing into huge companies.

Hemp Bombs is one of the best firms when it comes to cannabis production and cannabis products. The firm has invested heavily in researching the best ways to use cannabis products for different conditions. It has guaranteed the safety of CBD oils and other products.

Some of its products include gummies, e-liquids, capsules, oils, syrups, and gels made of cannabis extracts.

Generally, Hemp Bombs outdoes its competitors as it offers industry-leading CBD oils in various forms. It also has an online shop, links with others for wholesale and distribution, and has affiliates working to ensure the customers have the best products and services.

Hemp Bombs is an international brand with a variety of products and a mega-online presence. Read this Hemp Bombs review for a thorough examination of the brand.

Hemp Bombs CBD Production

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a naturally-occurring cannabinol in cannabis plants. In order to derive its benefits from the rest of the plant, Hemp Bombs uses the CO2 Extraction Process to extract it from the rest of the plant.

Before this process, however, there are other critical stages which make the CBD oil from Hemp Bombs the best on the market. They include:

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Plant Growth and Selection

With cannabis being a sensitive plant, the method of growing it heavily determines the quality of its final products. Hemp Bombs goes for Industrial Hemp which grows under sustainable conditions. The plant grows without any chemicals that may harm the consumer. Also, it isn’t genetically modified in any way.

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CBD Extraction

As stated earlier, the preferred process for CBD extraction from a hemp plant is the CO2 Extraction Process. In this process, CO2 acts as a solvent under varying temperatures and pressure levels to separate the various components of the hemp plant at a very low cost.

This method eliminates the need to process the oils further after the extortion process. In most cases, post-processing adds undesirable heavy metals to CBD oil and other cannabis extracts that may harm the consumer.

The main advantages of using the CO2 Extraction Process include the following:


The method results in higher yields, requires minimal extraction times, and requires low maintenance costs. It also consumes less energy than comparative methods.


This method employs carbon dioxide as a tunable solvent. This means that the gas creates suitable conditions for the extraction of a range of cannabis components with ease and in pure form.


CO2 is a common gas found naturally in the environment. Its use in the extraction of CBD oil doesn’t harm the environment in any significant way.

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Hemp Bomb CBD Oils Review

You need to know the benefits and side effects of CBD oil brand, in order to use it safely and make the most out of it. Hemp Bombs manufactures CBD oils in various concentrations depending on the needs of the user. These oils provide relief for various levels of anxiety, chronic pain, stress, inflammation, insomnia, and other conditions.

The CBD oils produced by Hemp Bombs are as follows:

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300mg CBD Oil

Hemp Bombs Oil 300mgThis is a 30 ml bottle filled with pure CBD oil at 300mg potency (concentration). Hemp Bombs recommends a 5mg per serving or as recommended by the doctor.

The contents of these bottles have undergone tests by independent labs and passed all tests. This product doesn’t have any THC and comes in peppermint or watermelon flavors.

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600mg CBD Oil

This also comes in 30 ml bottles filled with pure CBD oil. However, the potency is at 600 mg per bottle. Hemp Bombs recommends 10 mg of the oil per serving for the best benefits.

It also comes in peppermint and watermelon flavors and has no THC.

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1000mg CBD Oil

This pure CBD oil comes in 30 ml bottles and has a potency of 1000mg per bottle. The recommended serving is 16.6 mg and it comes in watermelon and peppermint flavors as well.

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2000mg CBD Oil

This product as well comes in 30 ml bottles but with pure CBD oil at 2000 mg potency per bottle. The recommended serving is 33.3mg. It also comes in peppermint and watermelon flavors.

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4000mg CBD Oil

The highest potency for Hemp Bombs CBD oils is 4000 mg per 30 ml bottle. It recommends a serving of 66.6 mg for each serving. All these oils are safe for consumption and have no side effects with the right dosages.

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Hemp Bombs Review: Other Products

Besides the CBD oils detailed above, Hemp Bombs has the following products:

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Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

The firm offers gummies in three varieties namely the Original Gummies, High-Potency Gummies, and Sleep Gummies.

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Hemp Bombs also offers pure CBD oil in capsules that are easy to swallow. These capsules offer the same benefits of CBD oil.

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Pain Freeze

CBD Pain Freeze is a type of balm made with 99% CBD oil and other plant extracts such as aloe vera. This balm is for external use and applied to joints and other parts of the body to provide relief from pain.

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CBD vape products are also offered in various potencies and sizes by this firm. These are liquids used for vaping.

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These are highly concentrated CBD oil variants used to attain various results on the body.

Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup!
Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup!
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Hemp Bombs Review: Pros and Cons

This Hemp Bombs review reveals that the firm’s products are natural and chemical-free. This ensures the safety of the consumers. The only downside is that they’re relatively costlier than the alternatives.

Simply knowing the right dosage for these products helps you obtain the best results from them. Check out this CBD dosage guide for more information.

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