CBD Isolates vs Full Spectrum: Which is Better?

The CBD industry is worth millions. People are turning to CBD oil for relief from chronic pain, depression, management of epilepsy, and even giving it to their pets.

But shopping for CBD oil can be confusing. The shelves are lined with bottles, capsules, edibles, and such, and it’s enough to make you cross-eyed, especially when you see the words isolate and full-spectrum.

CBD isolates vs. full-spectrum is a common misunderstanding when it comes to CBD oil. But once you understand the difference, it makes your decision easier.

What is CBD Oil?

For starters, CBD oil is short of cannabidiol, which is a chemical called a cannabinoid. It’s found in the cannabis family, hemp and marijuana, and has an abundance of health benefits. Many people use CBD oil for physical ailments such as:

  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Managing chronic pain from autoimmune diseases
  • Applying it topically to control acne or pain from soreness
  • Controlling epilepsy

One of the reasons why CBD oil is a popular alternative treatment is because it has little to no side effects compared with traditional medications. Also, CBD is derived from hemp, meaning it lacks THC, another cannabinoid responsible for psychosomatic effects, so CBD cannot get you high.

CBD Isolates vs. Full Spectrum

CBD oil is a fantastic remedy for many people, but why does CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD oil matter? Isn’t CBD oil just CBD oil?

First, let’s discuss full-spectrum CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

In short, along with CBD, there are about 100 other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, along with the compounds terpenes and flavonoids. These are all extracted using CO2 extraction and can be classified as the entire spectrum of cannabinoids. In other words, you’re receiving the benefits of the whole plant.

When using a full-spectrum CBD oil, you’re ingesting all the cannabinoids extracted, or the full spectrum, not just CBD. This means these compounds and cannabinoids can work together for a more potent effect, otherwise known as the entourage effect.

Because hemp contains traces of THC, you might find low amounts in a full-spectrum CBD oil. According to federal law, if the product contains less than 0.3% of THC, the product can be sold safely. The amounts of THC in full-spectrum CBD are so minuscule, that it’s not enough to effectively produce any high.

CBD Isolate

While full-spectrum CBD contains all the other elements with CBD, CBD isolate is the exact opposite. CBD isolate is pure CBD apart from the spectrum of cannabinoids and compounds (like THC), with no added ingredients.  However, CBD isolate is challenging to make because it requires additional work or separating the CBD from everything else.

Another difference between isolate and full-spectrum is that isolate usually is sold in a powdered form. You can vape CBD isolate, mix it with food, or take it by itself. Some companies mix it with oil and sell it as a tincture, or you can find isolate in edibles, capsules, and even lotions or salves.

Which is Better: Isolate of Full Spectrum?

The answer to that question is, it depends. For a long time, the isolate was thought to be superior to full-spectrum, because you were receiving only the CBD. But now researchers have realized that the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are just as beneficial to the body.

Besides, the ‘entourage effect’ means all these chemicals work together and therefore provide more benefits to the body than CBD isolate alone.

But because everyone’s body is different and responds not be the same for everyone. While one person might improve with full-spectrum, someone else might see positive results from an isolate. It depends on your needs and also your preference which one you choose.

It’s also possible to switch the type of CBD you’re using if you find you’re symptoms are not getting better.

Other Things to Look For in CBD Oil

With CBD oil skyrocketing in the wellness industry, many people have started cannabis companies to meet the demand. Even though there are reputable and reliable companies out there, many are not.

If you think you want to try either CBD isolate or full-spectrum, here are somethings to be aware of:

Not all CBD is equal, and some companies will add ingredients that are not needed. Always check the ingredients before purchasing, especially with CBD isolate. The label should say, ‘pure CBD’ or something similar if you’re purchasing powder.

Your CBD should always be third-party tested. This way, they can verify the purity of the CBD. The popularity of CBD propelled many people to create fake CBD oil, which can be harmful and even fatal. The company you purchase from should be eager to be transparent about where they source their CBD oil, extraction method, and so forth.

The company should also have a physical location, phone number, and email. When you call, a real person should be able to answer your questions and concerns. Any company that lacks the specifications should send up a red flag.

Ask about the extraction method. Not all companies practice the same means of extraction, so if you have a preference, be sure to find out before buying.

CBD Isolate And Full Spectrum

When it comes to CBD isolates vs. full-spectrum, there are several differences. And though CBD full-spectrum is expected to work better, CBD isolate can be just as effective if you find it works for you.

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